{ chi·mer·i·cal 2. wildly fanciful; highly unrealistic: a chimerical plan. }

• A girl who is still a kid at heart, hopes to live in New York someday. Lover of the Arts. Enjoys days just listening to music, watching movies, a little bit of writing, A LOT of reading and drawing. I want to be an animator or concept artist one day.

•Posting things that I love, make me laugh, and interest me. (:

I'll try my hardest to refrain myself from posting cats..

About Following: I do NOT "follow back" if I like your blog I'll follow you. If I follow you don't feel obligated to fallow me back. I'm not someone whose goal is to gain as many followers as I can. If you like my blog then follow, simple as that.

Bax, the little creep.
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